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Decking is a cost-effective way to create an attractive and inviting outdoor area. As it can be installed above existing surfaces including concrete, paving, grass, soil and gravel, the ground preparation required in minimal, meaning we can create stunning decked spaces quickly and efficiently that are easy to maintain. 


We often combine decking spaces within grassed areas and landscaped garden to create a textured, clean outdoor dining space. Steps and balustrades can be added to raised decks, which, if high enough, the space underneath can be used as a useful storage space.


We work with both hardwood and softwood and provide clients with advice, samples and free quotes to ensure the very best material is selected based on your aesthetic preferences and budget.


Hardwood or Softwood?


The terms hardwood and softwood are somewhat confusing because the terminology does not relate to the physical hardness of the wood. The terms are simply used to biologically classify timber into two broad groups describing the type of tree the timber comes from. Hardwoods come from broadleaved trees. Softwoods come from coniferous evergreen trees. Both groups contain many different species of which some are suitable for decking, some not. However, hardwood is generally more expensive than softwood.

Please visit our Gallery for photos of our decking projects.

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